Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I Ain't Dead

Just slammed. Christmas is coming and the dog is always sick.

I have some half-formed material in the pipeline. Check back from time to time!


  1. Do make sure to let us know when you are dead. It's incredibly inconvenient not knowing. I'm still checking on wood s lot most days...


  2. Join the club!
    'Christmas is coming and the dog is always sick.......' - - sounds like the opening line of an alternative nursery rhyme.
    Look after the dog, the kids, your wife; let the Holiday Season wash over you and out through the waste disposal pipe, as you remember that Good Things Come in Small Packets/Parcels/Portions (whichever cliche you prefer) and that we, your readership, are damn lucky to get what we get to read.
    We'll be here when you put fingers to keyboard again.
    If, however, as Mike points out and you are dead, can Mrs. Molitor please let the boys know??