Wednesday, December 21, 2016

To my readers in the tech industry

If you work in or around the technology industry, specifically the software industry, more specifically the US tech industry (although the entire Western World is heading the same way, as far as I can tell) you should look at this web site, and seriously consider signing the pledge. It's short and you should of course read and understand it yourself, but in summary it says "I will quit before I will help build a Muslim registry database or anything similar." I honestly cannot see any reason not to at least agree with the idea.

You may reasonably elect to not sign on other grounds, of course, but to be blunt, if you disagree with the general thrust of the pledge, you are wrong.

The link is here: Never Again.


  1. Andrew,
    As much as I applaud your stand on such a subject, isn't it a bit late to be thinking of this?
    I understand this to be a reaction to your recent election, but your government (the USA), of both persuasions, has practised this for the last twenty years, at least.
    Every time I travel to the US (on business, as my employer's HQ is in Houston, Texas), I have been fingerprinted and had my retina scanned and my details are always compared to a list of suspects (terrorist or otherwise, the agents never admit which) drawn up 'in the name of security'.
    No other country has ever done this, in my over 40 years of travelling.
    Perhaps you can persuade your technology community to petition for an end to ALL invasions of privacy such as this.

    1. Well, certainly it's quite late! But it's a thing that is going on now, and I support it ;)

      Without turning this in to a political blog, hopefully, I can state that I disagree with a great deal of my country's policy over the last 15 years and - it turns out, somewhat to my surprise - virtually since its inception.

      The gulf between what I was brought up to believe my country is, and what it really is (and long has been), is shocking.