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Thursday, September 14, 2017

A Note

This is a post of mine from slightly less than 2 years ago: A Device.

In it I remarked that synthetic lighting was going to be a new feature enabled by computational photography.

Please note that the iPhone X introduces synthetic lighting features as a consequence of its computational photography package.


  1. Excellent prediction, though you did forget to mention it was going to appear in a device costing £1000...

    Let's take your predictive ability to the next level: I would quite like to win this week's UK National Lottery. Give me six numbers between 1 and 59, and I'll play them. Should I win, we can negotiate your commission!


    1. I'm serious: I need six numbers!


    2. Ok! Ok!

      10 7 9 4 19 21

      (what the hell, no cost to me, potential payout from our british cousins!)

    3. Good choices. I'll let you know whether you're lucky, as well as prescient.


    4. Sadly, but all too predictably, your far-sightedness does not extend to the (allegedly) random selection of six numbers. Or indeed even one. I thought it was worth a try, though; irrational optimism is what keeps us going.


    5. Curses. Hang on while I refine "my system" even further in light of the most recent results.

      Ah yes, I didn't account for the phase of the moon correctly.