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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Nikon Thing!

I don't care about the thing, or the other thing.

What I am fascinated by is how thoroughly the Camera Internet has exploded.

On the one hand the fact that Nikon didn't put in a second curd slot has somehow made it so nobody will use it. Having never put a cheese curd into a camera at all, I am unsure how that works. On the other hand, the sheer number of people bellyaching about their inability to place curds into the camera twice as fast seems to suggest that Nikon's marketing worked tolerably well. It's possible they will sell a few of these curd engines after all.

And then let us turn to the sad reality.

Between times the Camera Internet is filled with angry people telling one another to go "shoot some images" and complaining that "everyone just wants to talk about gear" and so forth, to the extent that one imagines that these people are serious, that they might perhaps be interested in photographs and photography. But then this sort of thing happens, and it becomes open warfare about how many cheese slots a professional needs, being fought entirely by people who have no idea.

Nobody cares about photography or photographs on the mainstream Camera Internet. Nobody. They are flat out lying, as much to themselves as to anyone else.

I hope they enjoy their cheese engines. There certainly seem to be a lot of buttons and f stops and things.


  1. Way back when I was working in the high-end audio industry, I used to say that it was three hobbies in one: listening to music, playing with equipment, and gossiping about both.

    And that was the before the internet, when gossiping wasn't nearly as easy to do as it is today!

    Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose...

  2. we all know that any cheese is better than swiss cheese. Maybe we can start from there!