Thursday, March 7, 2019

Lewis Bush Workshop

Lewis is an interesting guy. Something of a tendency still toward arty bollocks, if he's writing for an arty bollocks kind of thing, but he's grown increasingly sensible in the last few years.

He's starting to do workshops in his own studio space somewhere in south London. Having never taken a class from Lewis, I cannot actually vouch for him here, but I have seen a book of his which I liked pretty well, so there's that. Anyways, I am willing to stuff a link in here, so you can decide. I shall not be attending, south London being very far away indeed. He wants £100.00 for a one day deal. I assume he's providing the tea and the coffee.

Workshop – Photographic Storytelling, April 27th 2019

This strikes me as the kind of workshop that is worthwhile. You come out not with a bunch of shitty pictures, nor even a finished thing, but rather with a richer understanding of the problems and possible solutions. I think I might sign up for it if it was in Seattle.


  1. You like Lewis Bush because he does political photography, amiright? I find his brand of politics at once facile and obtuse in the marxist-academic* tradition, and his photographic work in support of this singularly unconvincing. It makes me wonder what he brings to the storytelling table but I deffo wouldn't gamble £100.00 on it.

    *For the record, I havenothing against marxism per se -- it has a pretty good basis in the reality of its day, some subset of which is still applicable; unfortunately the commonly held notion of it is FUBAR.

    1. No, actually Lewis and I are lovers. It's as simple as that.

    2. "I have nothing against Marxism" A hundred odd million corpses may take issue with that position if they weren't, well, corpses.

    3. Let us earnestly attempt to avoid devolving into a discussion of Marxism, Socialism, and whether this regime or that was truly either. The world is large and contains many things.

    4. Ok I'll leave the commie bashing alone. £100 just about buys you a lunch at nandos and a soy latte these days. Seems like a good day out if nothing else.

  2. Your comments about participants in workshops coming home with uninteresting photographs might be unfair. People shoot pictures for a lifetime to come up with a few good pics, it might be asking too much that they come up with one on the day they happen to go to a workshop. I imagine that people have all kinds of reasons to attend workshops, but the most obvious is that it would appeal to people who are not good at self-study and need someone to show them the ropes. I am sure it sometimes works. I wouldn't go to one, don't like having others around and I don't even like talking about what I am doing, even if I know what I am doing.