Monday, December 21, 2020

Blog Note

I have been using the email-based comment moderation system lately, and it turns out that the "silently delete this comment" link is right next to the "approve this comment" link. I am pretty sure I have accidently deleted at least one comment (sorry Matt!) and am trying to teach myself to not use this interface any more.

If you made a comment recently that didn't show up, please be assured I didn't moderate it unless you were selling photo retouching services, or, oddly, boxes. Or maybe it was in a script I cannot read?

My apologies if I zapped your no-doubt useful contributions! Please feel free to re-post if you feel you were a victim.


  1. That's ok, Andrew. I know I've often clicked the "Sign out" button instead of the "Publish" button after carefully typing in my sage comment. The god's know what they're doing.

  2. My boxes are the best. My boxes are incredible. What a bargain!

  3. "A month ago I wrote that this is something Magnum's photographers just can't just stay silent about, but they have done exactly that."

    It was mean to 'accidentally' delete all those confessional comments by Magnum photographers just to show up Lewis.