Thursday, December 3, 2020


It's disturbingly fun to replicate the appalling tropes of "school photography" (there is probably something uniquely American in here.) These are per Grandma's request and, to be blunt, mine are a lot better than genuine "school photos" because I can extract a much better expression from my kids than the mill worker can. Of course.

It may look like I used a light on the backdrop, but I didn't. I also didn't bother with a light on the child, since I have windows.

Anyways, my beautiful children. Feel free to say something nice.

It's not even two different backdrops. It's the same shitty piece of cardboard with watercolor paints smeared clumsily around on it.


  1. Cardboard with paint splatter. What a good idea, thanks.

  2. You have two beautiful daughters and you're lucky they want to sit for the photographs. My daughter hated to be photographed until in her early twenties. Nice backdrop, it suits the kids very well but I do not like the halo around them. You also used a different white balance as the colours of the background of both images are different?

  3. Well, you get TWO likes for this post. Like Henk said, you're a lucky guy.

  4. Ah, daughters and photographs... Give it another couple of years and they'll run for cover or pull stupid faces whenever they spot the camera (despite spending hours preening for selfies...).

    Enjoy it while you can. Nice job!