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Thursday, February 24, 2022

Vigilante Press

I thought I'd take a moment to make a note of all the positive mentions Vigilante has gotten!

The most important art and photography site on the internet gave me a mention and a compliment: How Much?

James Cockroft's excellent blog: Andrew Molitor — 'Vigilante'

Daniel Milnor's also excellent blog: Create: Vigilante, A Zine from Andrew Molitor

And a sort of side mention from Jonathan Blaustein: Making a Book

That last also has a lot of fairly broad information about ways to make a book. It's a good general piece that was widely read.

I regret that I have no negative reviews to share. I was holding out hope for one, but they seem to have decided it's not worth the trouble. Or maybe they only like to write positive reviews. If you know of a negative review, or would like to write one, please let me know! There are probably things that would delight me more, but I would very much enjoy linking to a really good trashing.


  1. Huh... So how much did these guys slip you for a mention of their mention? Payola! Corruption!

    Oh, you *forgot*... No, no, too late now. It's no wonder nobody reads my damned blog, if even a little strategic sycophancy can't buy a link. I shake the dust from my feet as I leave. Let someone else leave incomprehensible comments on your un-proofchecked witterings.



      (I knew I'd forgotten one, but I asked myself "Mike?" but only asked myself if you'r written a lengthy and detailed review, I think? Regardless, I definitely forgot about your generous remarks. I have corrected the original.)

    2. Huh? What is that funny little squeaking noise I keep hearing? ;)

  2. The skulls are better value. Why do I fucking bother?

    1. Do you need more guidance on skull manufacture, or was my post a few months back enough to be getting on with?

      Getting sticky is definitely more satisfying than taking a photo.

    2. The skulls are more titillating than all the photobooks published in the past five years put together (except mine, obv), and I wouldn't dream of attempting to forge them.

      Quite frankly, they are even better than the organic skulls grown in human heads.

      You have found your metier, so stop fiddle-fucking around with the world's most pointless hobby and get on with it.

  3. I could potentially draft a negative review. Can't commit to any reaction until I see the zine.

    1. You can buy a copy for yourself on blurb! Or, if you prefer, you can make a donation of something around $25 or two hours of your time to some local-to-you arts group and I will cheerfully mail you one.