Thursday, November 12, 2015

Can't leave this one alone

Over here in a I Am So Sad and People Are So Mean post from Mr. Thein, we see a remarkable statement with respect to photography and the tools thereof:
The sharper the tools, the more likely you are to cut yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing.

In the first place, what on earth has this to do with photography? If you get a Really Good Camera, you're actually more likely to make bad or unsatisfying pictures? Huh? This is something that sounds wise, but it actually ridiculous.

As a guy who's actually used sharp tools of various sorts, I would also like the record to show that this is also completely false in a literal sense. You are much less likely to cut yourself with very sharp tools.


  1. You try to indict a fool for being a fool, and are the greater fool for doing so. Even if it makes you feel better.

    See, if art had no sense, and I had to believe in nonsense, the Thein school works.

  2. I came here first trought that Kirk's link a few weeks ago. Did enjoy some posts of yours, but you are gradually starting to look like those small birds preying on the back of the elefant...

    1. I have several themes and not ask if then are very pleasant or mature.