Wednesday, November 18, 2015


After, I dunno, a decade or more of raising Expose To The Right, we now have this piece from Michael Reichmann over at LuLa suggesting what I think we can reasonably describe as Expose To The Left.

Whereas in the bad old days the best procedure was to carefully overexpose and fix it in post, now that we have these amazing new sensors from Sony, the correct procedure is to underexpose and fix it in post.

This may seem crazy, I know, but why not just expose correctly and don't fix it in post?


  1. In answer, if you're using a Sony FF sensor in a Sony body with Sony's metering and tone curve then you'll quickly find the option to expose correctly and not fix in post approach is basically unavailable if you want to control highlight roll off. Ergo you lose all of the claimed DR advantage over your old Canon as you've no choice but to pull up the shadows.

    Bitter, me? Never.

    1. In general, I got no problem with working with the idiosyncrasies of a camera system. Where I part ways with The Gurus is when they are pretty sure they know better, and introduce some alternative method that involves extra work and dubious to zero benefit.

      This business of "underexpose and fix it in post" loses data, plain and simple. It produces a (very slightly) less good picture at the cost of doing some extra work in post.