Wednesday, November 11, 2015


I spend a lot of time bitching about pundits on the internets, while at the same time promoting my own ideas as if they were obvious facts.

Disclosure the first: I am aware of the essential absurdity here. I am perfectly aware that anything I say might be utter BS, and you should be as well. Of course, it's my best effort, and I think it's true at moment I write it. Flesh being flesh, and me being made largely out of it, I am fallible.

Disclosure the second: I make a little money from this blog. Unlike all the other pundits who do it because they love photography, and the affiliate links are just there to pay a few trivial expenses, I actually make money. I have this book (see Schwag) and I've made something closing in on $200 selling it over the last few years, which is 100% of my gross income from all things photographic.

Disclosure the third: There always have to be three disclosures. Also, I change my mind a lot. Things said with absolutely authority, as facts, on one day may be repudiated as ridiculous on another. See Disclosure the first.

I think I have better ideas than most of those guys out there, because I'm smarter, I'm prettier, and I read a lot more. Mostly, I read a lot more. That kind of gives me a 150 year head start on guys who are trying to invent it all from first principles, and also lets me simply steal ideas from much smarter people who helpfully wrote them down.

But your mileage may vary. All I can, and all I do, promise you here is your money's worth.


  1. $200! See, I knew you were a professional photographer! I suspected when you said you'd ruined your mind with gin, but the cat's really out of the bag now.

    But I still second Mr Matthews.