Monday, November 9, 2015

Market Research and The Pundit Class

Pundits out there periodically write position pieces detailing all the stuff they would do if they ran a camera company. They have all the answers, somehow, without having done any actual research. They just know, because they are awesome. Sometimes they refer to vague sources, their readers, that sort of thing.

Do me a favor, please. It's not a big one.

When you come across some joker pulling this gag, suggest mildly that they start a market research firm. These guys all have substantial followings, after all. Those mysterious readers actually do exist.

They could borrow a book on how to construct a good poll from the library, and read it. Then, from time to time, they could construct a poll, and they collate the results into report.

Then sell these reports to the camera companies.

This is in fact a totally doable business model for these guys. They could absolutely glean valuable data with a handful of well designed polls each year, and I'm pretty sure that if they demonstrated competence, they'd get sales. And they might even get a chance to influence design a bit.

Why don't they?

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