Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Since I nailed it with the ALPA camera review on LuLa I'm going to make some more guesses. This will continue until I guess completely, ludicrously, wrong, enough times to give up! And that's a bunch of times.

Given that P1 mailed LuLa a very expensive prototype/pre-production/whatever camera, which LuLa very roughly reviewed, and which review KuLa then published under the title "Early Hands One[sic] Report" I assume that, eventually, someone at Silverfleet is going to peek in at this little operation and blow a gasket.

It takes five minutes to work out that site operates without a shred of editorial overview, simply slamming up random pieces that people send them. There's no fact checking, there's no copy-editing. They can't even sort "it's" and "its" out, and they let typos in headlines stand apparently indefinitely. Frankly, it's not at all clear what the hell these guys are up to.

This, I predict, will result in Leadership Changes as we say in the business world.
  • A new member of the leadership team will appear, soonish. Next couple of months, say. Title unknown, but the role will be to clean house and get this bloody shop under control.

  • Michael will take on more of an advisory role as he concentrates more deeply on the Luminous Endowment and his own artistic endeavors.

  • Kevin will be asked to take on new challenges. Perhaps he'll run projects, or workshops, or something. It'll be pitched as an expansion of role, but will actually be a reduction.

  • Chris might just sit tight, or silently vanish, not sure.

Not all of this will happen, but I feel pretty good about the first two!


  1. Kevin bought lula from Michael with the severance package he got when leaving P1. If he wants to leave, he needs a sucker to buy Lula back.

  2. Now that you have established that Lula is a Phase One subsidiary, where do you suggest that amateur photographers go to discuss image making?

  3. A quick search at LuLa reveals that Lula has been reviewing and publishing ALPA reviews (and Phase One reviews) for years, at least as far back as 2009.