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Monday, January 4, 2016

Words Of Power

Here they are. Possibly the most powerful phrase in the english language:

I don't know

More on this anon.


  1. Perhaps "I don't know, yet" is more powerful? "I don't know" could stop proceedings right there, quite complacently, but the "yet" keeps things interesting...

    Did you know the Buddha had a list of questions which he refused to answer, the so-called "undetermined questions" (e.g. "Is the world finite?"). I've always found this more hilarious than serious Buddhists are prepared to tolerate...


    1. It is my intention to insist that the "yet" is implied ;) But yes, that is the gist of it!

      "I dunno" and "You got me!" and "The answer cannot be found" are all essentially different, and of no use whatever.

  2. The follow-up to "I don't know" is "but I can find out".
    One of the most useful phrases in any salesman's vocabulary.
    Lateral thinker: how about the Molitor workshop in Vancouver? Or Seattle?
    I'm in Edmonton, so only about 16 hours from Bellingham as the crow flies, even faster by Air Canada/West Jet.
    Mr Chisholm might have an issue, though; however, a West Coast workshop (without cameras, of course)would be the perfect answer to Prague/Chicago/Hanoi, etc.
    Might even start a tradition!! (LOL)

    1. If you are referring to my Bullshit Workshops™ I think I can guarantee they won't be in Vancouver...


    2. Wait, you don't attend the annual Vancouver Summit On Crows? Attended by thousands, it is by far the premier crow themed conference in the world.

    3. Well, not in my "Mike C." avatar, obviously... As they say, "the owls are not what they seem". Same goes fer crows. I can say no more.