Saturday, April 1, 2017

A Crazy Rumor!

I do not buy this rumor. My theories are well documented, and this isn't one of them. Still, it occurred to me, and it does fit the timelines nicely.

If you are married to the idea that Perry Oosting was forced out of Hasselblad, but lack a reason for it, here's one you can use.

Late December 2016, Perry Oosting closes the deal to get money from DJI, placing a couple DJI guys on Hasselblad's board.

At the first real board meeting with the new board, mid-January some time, the new guys push to cement the relationship with Hasselblad Ambassador Ming Thein by hiring him to the executive staff. Oosting balks, "no way", for whatever reason. DJI guys demand it, and either Oosting is fired, or quits in a huff.

New CEO duly installed, takes office on or around Feb 1. In fairly short order the relevant negotions, background checks, and so on happen. 8 weeks later, Mr. Thein joins the executive team, under the new, more pliant, CEO.

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