Saturday, April 22, 2017

Worth Reading: Darren Campion

This is a new fellow I have run across. He writes interestingly about photography, somewhat in the same vein I do. Of course, I think he's too wordy (whereas I am Just Right) and I think he pushes a trifle too far into Arty Bollocks territory (ibid. as it were).

He's written a two part essay which I think is worth a read. On Narrative I and On Narrative II.

I think some references to musical structure would have served him well, and we continue to see the trend of everyone and their dog inventing new meanings for "series" and "sequence" respectively. But stick with it, if this sort of thing interests you.

He also seems to do long form book reviews. Well, at least one, I have yet to dig very far into his archives.


  1. Well, you're right. I rushed to read Campion's two pieces on narrative, and immediately realised that I would have to print them out if I wanted to read them carefully. Reading him is like reading an academic paper, an 'accusation' I would never level at you, to your credit, Sir Andrew.

    1. The academy is part of the conspiracy which seeks to suppress my important research. Also, I swear too goddamned much for their taste.

  2. Thanks for the heads up! Both articles provide one or two more pieces for the big puzzle.

    I just ordered a specimen of "Lago", in order to review it in the context of the second article. I hope that there is something to be learned.

    Best, Thomas

  3. I have never actually been to Salton Sea (it's on my list post-Trump), but I do enjoy an occasional visit via Google Maps. Extraordinary, all the streets in Salton City with such hopeful names but no houses.