Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Apropos of the Previous:

Photo District News published this thing, No More Bad Nudes, which is tangentially related to the previously posted remarks just below this. The gist appears to be that if women take smutty pictures, it's OK. Reappropriation being a thing, there's an argument to be examined here. If a woman says "bitch" it is often genuinely different from when a man does. Is it genuinely different when she takes a crotch shot of a young woman in translucent panties?


  1. Are there many women taking pictures of male nudes?

    1. I don't really know of any, but there probably are.

      I do know that in the book Firecrackers, one of the profiled projects was a woman photographing young Arab men, and it was awesome. They were clothed, but had that raw sexuality that young good-looking men can project.

      I considered it to be one of the best pieces in the book, not only because it looked great, but because it hit the right political notes as well, and I am kind of a political dork.

    2. I guess I should also mention Pixy Liao, who made a book recently of her and her partner, who is male. They are in various states of undress, and he is frequently depicted as kind of submissive, under her thumb, whatever.

      So, she's definitely trying. I didn't like the book, but it's the sort of thing I ought to like.

  2. One of the best known (THE best known?) female photographers of male nudes is Dianora Niccolini. And Mona Kuhn of course.