Sunday, January 12, 2020


There's an interview on a recent photobook here: Brad Feuerhelm Blah Blah Blah which is a glorious exemplar of the form. Brad is (one of?) the main writers at American Suburb X, which is an archive of appropriated material which is often pretty good, together with new content which is shit, all on a thoroughly broken web site.

He's literally just blathering gibberish half the time. Sometimes you fight your way through the thicket of adjective and you feel like the sentence is going to mean something, but then it flies off the rails into nonsense.

Talking about why he doesn't have people in his pictures (psst, it's because you're a pussy, Brad):

I feel that with the cacophony of voices pleading for ideological representation through personal, identity and political means ...

Ok, there's a lot of voices that want to be heard, sure. That's a thing. Got it. So...

... that the best way to adjust from my own disambiguation was to remove the markers of the citizenry and their representations.

Wait, adjust from your own disambiguation? What the fuck does that even mean? Nothing! It means nothing!

All he's said is There's a lot of voices <gibberish> so I left pictures of people out as his explanation for why he left pictures of people out. Is it some language barrier? He seems to be a native english speaker, as near as I can tell, although he's spent a lot of time Abroad? I've seen other native English speakers fall into this sort of cant, so apparently it's just a thing Serious Academic Photographers (artists?) do.

The whole thing is like this. It would be maddening if it wasn't so funny. How this mook got to be an even nominally respected voice I have no idea.


  1. He belongs in "Pseuds Corner" in Privete Eye

  2. Brad needs an editor. Oh wait, he is the editor.

  3. I've always assumed he's writing satire, but somehow I never get it....

  4. I take it as uber SJW-speak. I'm betting that "disambiguation" is the crime of forcing your own interpretations of, laik, disadvantaged groups or something by taking a bunch of photos of humans and then by your choice of which-photo-to-be-included-in-a-given-body-of-your-own-work, crystallize stereotypes or some damn thing onto that group. It took me hours to come up with that. Barf. Blech. Gack. [stone seal]

    1. I think you nailed it... Hours invested to our benefit.