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Thursday, April 26, 2012


A feature I tend to notice in photographs is contrasting pairs. I like them "in balance", whatever that means. Perhaps something like "of nearly equal visual interest" except that's not always true. Usually I see one of the pair first, and its presence is merely balanced by the other which I notice later. This is similar to the notion of "negative space" which is in its own way just as important as the subject, the positive space, but is mostly unnoticed.
  • Near/Far
  • Left/Right
  • Light/Dark
  • Up/Down
  • Background/Foreground
  • Texture/Texture
  • Shape/Shape
We like to have things to compare. My eye enjoys echoed visual elements and contrasting visual elements, placed against one another for comparison. A brightly lit subject might appeal more placed against a dark background. Placing a small detail in the foreground enhances the sense of scale and distance to a large subject in the distance. A rough and interesting texture is made more prominent and interesting placed against a smooth texture.

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