Saturday, October 31, 2015

Cadence II

Just some fast notes. It's Halloween Night and we gotta give candy to kids!

Apparently I have to read Keith Smith. Got it. Ordering a copy of the relevant one as soon as I am done here, I'm excited!

I can't stop thinking about sequencing in terms of beats, now. Pa-PUM, Pa-PUM, BOOOOOOM.

Leading to inspiration of the day: There's no actual reason not to repeat a photograph, or even a sequence of them, in a book. I don't even remember explicitly thinking this was a no-no, but it literally never occurred to me as a possibility until last night. "Wait, if it's a line of rhythm, I could repeat a photo for that BOOOM effect and it would be effective. Wait, wait, wait, I could repeat entire phrases. And probably should."


  1. A modern master of the deceptively simple, polyrhythmic self-made book is Raymond Meeks, whose work I commend to you, not least as a Sally Mann fan. His website is at, though annoyingly I see he's dropped some of his best older work in a recent redesign. His books "The Sound of Summer Running", "A Clearing", and "Doctrine of an Axe" are classics.


  2. I'm going to have to think about that repetition thing - seems like there's something there. I can see it easily in something like a slideshow where the author can control the pace and timing, but my mind is having trouble getting hold of the idea in a book. Though I guess poets and writers do it often enough.