Thursday, October 29, 2015

Help Me Out

I do not understand how Ming Thein can write this without actually catching fire from the sheer cognitive dissonance. Does he have to write this sort of stuff underwater?


  1. Thein's a bit silly. But so what? He's got his audience of similar posers who are going to nod wisely in agreement and make some comment about only really needing an F3/M3 with a 50.

    Hell, he's probably written articles about in-camera BS being holy and great, where any idiot with eyes can see that the only reason his pictures are even visually interesting is that he spinal taps shit in Photoshop.

    Well, they like that. They even like the results they get, Its the same as the HDR gang, just a lot bigger. Sure, it may only be inconsequential mutual masturbation, but hey, they get to orgasm.

    What I'd like to know, is if this shit actually traps anybody really intent on doing good work. That matters, and I don't see how anyone like that could get taken in with your Theins or Erwin Puts or whatever.

    If it doesn't, these guys are harmless.

    As for why, maybe he thinks it lends him credibility? Idk, Can't see how it would matter.

    1. I think Thein and his ilk are in fact remarkably harmful. They rely on capturing audience at particularly vulnerable points, and ruining them. Thein and lots of others present themselves as the desired endpoint, and lots of people believe it. Some of those people might well have been more if they hadn't gotten sucked in by the fact talking slickster.

  2. It's very public-spirited of you to care, Andrew, but unless we are talking about photography as a road to personal enlightenment (and I'm not being entirely facetious here) there are already *far* too many excellent and challenging photographers in the world to worry overmuch about the hordes dropping by the wayside, misled by false gurus... Think of it as a Darwinian process.

    I really, really don't care about Ming Thein, Luminous Landscape, or any of these other honey traps for empty-headed guys with cameras. You have interesting and amusing things to say about Life, the Universe, and Everything -- why waste time spluttering in disbelief at the idiocy of self-declared pundits?


    1. I appreciate your generosity! It's nice to hear that I say things that are actually kind of smart from time to time.

      Still. This blog is really just what's going in my head, after I edit out the 98% that's just 'she has a nice butt. She also has a nice butt.'

      Sometimes I'm petty. Sometimes I'm working on something which turns out to just be dumb. Sometimes I change my mind.

      I do think there's a lot of harm out there, and while I know I can't change the world with one obscure blog, I also know that if everyone shrugs because one person can't change the world, then the world just gets worse.

      Am I rationalizing being a petty jerk? Without a doubt. Am I nonetheless right? Not really for me to decide.

  3. Pretty stunning post from a guy that has a link to "Recommended Gear List" right next to it.