Monday, October 12, 2015


Kirk Tuck's blog mentioned mine, which explains the uptick in traffic and comments (about a 10x increase, actually, from incredibly tiny to merely very small). As I occasionally (twice a day, maybe three times, tops. usually) do, I checked up on the sales stats for my little book, and I made seven bucks recently. Which, while on the one hand hilarious, on the other hand is some sort of personal best here. I continue to be amused and pleased that the silly thing sells a little now and then, and I sincerely hope those of you who splurge for it get some value.

Ima take my proceeds and buy me a copy of The Lisbon Portfolio which has been on my radar for a while, but I never quite got around to buying. I went through the ToP affiliate links, because I figure Kirk's already getting paid once here!

You should do it too!

If we ain't take care of one another, who is, after all. Spend more money on Art.


  1. So, I raced to order a copy so that I could beat the upsurge in price Amazon's dynamic pricing software will undoubtedly apply.

    As a new reader of the blog, I'd say don't hide the existence of your book. Plug it once in a while. Even just a little sidebar box with a link if you wish to maintain a discrete distance from such commercialism.

    1. I came to your blog via Kirk Tuck's blog, I am finding it very enjoyable, like your no nonsense style, very refreshing. Where can I find details of your book?

    2. Actually, the phrase "my little book" in the original post above is a hyperlink to the amazon page!

      It's a kindle (kindle only, sorry) book on composition, which had been pretty well received by the dozen or so people who's read it ;)

  2. The writing here is great. You deserve a wider audience!