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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Ok one more, then I'm done

Here's a picture from Ming Thein's review of the Otus 55/1.4:

And the relevant clip from the accompanying text:

this is a normal FOV lens that’s resolving craters on the moon.

I shot this last night. D3100, a 50/2.0 that's probably older than Ming, wide open. Banged the lens over to the infinity stop, and shot. I admit that I cheated and exposed the moon correctly, instead of overexposing it (I wasn't trying to get clouds in too), and I played some games with sharpness and contrast. Consider this a test of an old, cheap, lens + digital processing against one of the Zeiss Otus. The moon is off-center, but not as far from the center as Ming's moon is.

Turns out that "resolving craters on the moon" isn't actually that tough.

I'm not actually done. I'm never going to be done railing against breathless reviews of overpriced luxury items.

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