Sunday, October 11, 2015

Colliding Concepts

Consider the L16 camera that everyone's dismissing these days. Among other things the founders of Light have done, they've done voice recognition things.

Consider the digital darkroom, that happy domain for the slider-loving nerd.

What if the L16 camera had voice recognition rolled in, Siri for the darkroom.

Crop to the girl.
The other girl.
Good. A little looser... taller, 8x10. Perfect.
Now open up the shadows a little. More. Less. Right there.
Burn the shadows lower left down to the original levels... A little more. Good.
Is it too yellow? Nope, too far, back it off.. a little more. Perfect.
Print it.

If you like you can imagine some poking at the screen, a little sliding and pinching. You could even have sliders if you wanted.

How about photo editing for people who see, rather than people who like to play with computers?

I'm just sayin'.


  1. If I want to crop a girl, I find it more convenient to draw the crop with a pen or with a mouse than describe the crop by word.

    How about photo editing for people who see and point, rather than people who like to talk? ;)

  2. I think I like it. :-) Specially with gestures for a little fine tuning.

  3. You mean like in "Blade Runner"?

    1. Maybe! I don't recall the specific scene. Probably more mundane than the Blade Runner bit.

    2. Yeah I had that in mind too. Google "Enhance Enhance Enhance" for plenty of references!

    3. I just tried that now. I was checking out my blog stats and yelled ENHANCE! ENHANCE! ENHANCE! and my browser redirected to visualsciencelab and disabled the back button.

      What is Google trying to tell me?

  4. So far as I can see the L16 is still the hardware equivalent of vapourware, and is using the same sales tactics (i.e. discourage us from buying anything else in case the L16 appears and makes alternative technologies obsolete).

    You can enthuse all you like. I'll save my opinion until I can hold one and use it.