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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Hasselblad on LuLa

I want to take a moment to tip my hat to LuLa. I've had my differences with them in the past and no doubt will again, I find much of the content to be a bit fluffy and a sometimes a bit sycophantic, but this piece on Hasselblad is a good, solid, piece of industry reporting. It's legitimately news, in the sense of New Information, it's interesting to, well, to the people it interests, and it's thorough.

Has Perry Oosting become an M&A guy, or is he still a luxury guy at heart?

It would make sense to divide the Hasselblad brand at this point, into a premium drone-camera thing, and a luxury/pro camera thing. But splitting a company that small up is challenging. Still, the question remains, what on earth is DJI planning for what we perceive as the core products of the company? The products DJI's investments seem to have actually funded?

It's possible that the game was, all along, sure, we'll fund your stupid pet projects until we acquire control, and then we're going to shoot them all, fire you all, and stick your logo on our drones. It's possible nobody really has a long term plan, and everyone's just standing around waiting for someone else to discover some mysterious synergy, which may or may not materialize. I've seen both.

I expect DJI to drop in an executive or two to, as I like to put it, "see if there's a pony in here somewhere."


  1. Perhaps they're just looking for the Diamond Ratio from their investments??

  2. This might be a case of a Chinese company wanting to go high end, in the same way Tata motors bought Jaguar and Land Rover.