Saturday, January 21, 2017

New Project

I'm not happy unless I'm doing something, I guess. I have a new project under way.

The United State of Americans.

Read the Manifesto and submit work, if you like. Pictures of Americans, ideally, and ideally illustrating that we all pretty much look the same regardless of politics. Or just follow along. I'll be taking pictures of people to make that point, as best I can, from time to time.


  1. It was in the news here that yesterday 500.000 protested in Washington, DC against Trump's inauguration. Bummer! That's a significant mobilization.

    What I like about your project is that it tries to focus on people, not so much on political conviction. I think it doesn't help to dismiss Trump voters as 'deplorable' - in order to prevent an election like this from happening again, one has to understand the real reason for their dissatisfaction and frustration. Instead of trying this and fixing apparent problems, your leaders (and ours following) sadly resort to ridiculous conspiracy theories like Putin hacking and manipulating the public opinion. At times I feel we're led by a bunch of somnambulists.

    If I were an American, I'd participate in your project. As I'm not, the only thing I can do is wish you best luck with this!

    Best, Thomas

    1. If you should happen upon some American Tourists, perhaps they'll surprise you, and you'll be moved to photograph them!