Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Please note call for submissions -

On my other little project, the Manifesto page details a permanent call for submissions, but I have posted as well, putting that call front and center. Click Here!


  1. Well I will share this with you, it doesn't meet your official criteria and I don't expect anything, but it does express our unity. http://www.cysewski.com/breakdancesolstice/index.html

    1. Those are awesome. Do you have the time and energy to extract a tight subset of these? I'm not sure how the fail to meet criteria!

      I mean, I don't *know* how those folks voted, but there's a mix of races, and what looks like a mix of attitudes (rednecks, punk-ass kids, and I bet I'll find some hippies if I looked hard enough).

      If you're unable to extract a tidy little essay, I can take a crack at it if you don't mind.