Saturday, January 7, 2017


Correction: an earlier version of this post cited Ventizz, the name of the firm is Vorndran Mannheims, or VMCap

Noodling on this over the last day one question keeps cropping up.

Why was VMCap (the private equity group that purchased Hasselblad) unwilling to infuse cash into the firm in order to ramp up manufacturing of an apparently successful camera? This is the nub of Kevin's article on LuLa, that VMCap was not and that therefore the outside investors (DJI) had to be asked for more money.

Infusing capital in order to build out successful business lines is literally VMCap's business. This is what they exist to do.

Apparently the X1D manufacturing buildout was not what they had in mind. Are they getting cold feet on the whole deal, or were the expecting Oosting to do something else, which they would have funded?

Back to posting about Art and Process shortly, I swear it. I'm working on a piece.

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