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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Or, hmmm

Is Hasselblad simply folding their tent at this point? Oosting tried to find a pony in there, and came up ponyless. They've been dead silent since appointing Ming, nobody ever confirmed the DJI deal (that I know of) and if true we can guess that the owners (Vorndran Mannheims) took a hell of a haircut.

Has DJI also thrown in the towel? The timeline is about right. Maybe that spiffy new camera wasn't selling quite as much as we thought.


  1. I'm not sure what you mean by this post. There are new lenses announced which will ship in December, apparently. DJI released the Mavic pro 2 with a Hasselblad branded camera recently, as well.

    1. Companies always have a road map, even when they die ;)

      This is based on nothing but a vague notion of unease. When a company starts axing management, and when they're slashing the price on their most popular product, these are indicators.

      The timeline is also about right. If DJI did indeed up their stake to a majority when rumors suggested they did, now would be a reasonable time for them to say "Eh, we tried it, it's not working out. Have a nice life."

      So, nothing concrete, just some indicators that are consistent with some sort of unfavorable exit.

  2. https://www.merinfo.se/foretag/Victor-Hasselblad-Aktiebolag-5565283123/2k1fbxv-f4po/styrelse-koncern