Thursday, January 10, 2019

Aig so much traffic

I assume my blog is being hammered by bots, since I am being flooded with traffic, but not with idiotic comments, but my god what a surprising lot of traffic.

If you are people and not robots, please go away. Actually, go away if you're robots too.



  1. Blame the bump in traffic on Kirk; that's why I drop by. I read a fair number of your older posts and the newer going back 2 or 3 months. Some were interesting or likable, some not. You've gotten more dyspeptic. I'll probably keep coming back. Or I'll stop if that's what you want.

    Recent Intruder

  2. You are all, of course, welcome to stay or go at your pleasure.

    It's the (non existent this time around) idiotic comments I dislike. A bunch of people who refuse to read what I write but want to argue with me anyways is the norm in these traffic spikes, so I get antsy when I notice them.

  3. You're wrong. I didn't read what you wrote but you are wrong. The only true thing is nano-curation. Count on it MathMan.

  4. I try to read all your posts / editorials or what ever you call them. I mostly enjoy reading them, they feel good on my brain and sometimes cause me to think.

    You probably would be bored with any comments I made / make.

    Keep writing.