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Friday, January 18, 2019


Please observe the new "How (Not To) Read My Blog" page in the navigation on the right (in a real web browser, someplace else on your phone).

For your amusement, read it now, if you like. It is not mandatory, just advisory.


  1. If your blog needs an instruction manual, maybe you're doing it wrong?

    1. That is an interesting idea, and I have already added it to the agenda for the next board meeting.

  2. “Wrong” is better. I move that we table the proposal to make this blog less “wrong.” Can I get a second on my motion?

    1. "less wrong" is unfortunately a phrase used by self-styled Rationalists to describe themselves. They are an extremely irritating bunch of imbeciles, so whatever they're selling, I want less of that. Which, I guess, means I want "more wrong."

  3. What - I’m expected to read every word, and then think about what I’ve read / you’ve written.
    Well, OK, but if I leave a comment, generally you have to read all the words, and you have to think about them a little. Sometimes you have to think about them a lot. I tend to write these things quite quickly, and as a result sometimes the actual intended meaning isn't made, well, quite as clear as I hoped. Sorry about that, but that is the nature of how I comment :~)
    Smarty pantys replies aside, I’m looking forward to Mr Tucks referral.
    Not THAT Ross Cameron