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Thursday, May 14, 2020


Inspired by the work of Alex Majoli, and more importantly, by this dreary essay which attempts to justify Majoli's stupid looking signature style, I have performed my own work of documentation. This piece concerns the political process of the USA, and the schisms that drive it.

It may surprise you to know that I have been travelling the country for some years, extensively photographing political rallies, primaries, and so on, across the political spectrum.

However, in order to force the viewer to confront the essential conflict between the supposedly objective gaze of the camera lens, and the inherently subjective underlying forms of the world, I took all of the photos with the lens cap on. These are all uncropped.

President Trump speaking to out of work coal miners.

Joe Biden shambles through a speech about...something.

Mitch McConnell kills some good ideas.

Rand Paul can't do math.

Barack Obama's mellifluous voice.

Hillary Clinton standing at a microphone, I guess.

Eagerly awaiting what I feel is the inevitable the phone call from Michael Mack.


  1. I love the hybridity - you've taken it one step further [stone seal]

  2. Ah, that ol' lenscap ploy -- the camera sees but doesn't see -- so true. The good thing about THIS time I'm forced to 'confront the essential conflict yada yada ' is that it only takes a second to do it, and then I can go on to something more interesting. Good job.

  3. Obvious Michael and I will be printing these on black paper.

  4. Is taking a picture with the lens cap on the same as not taking the picture?

  5. "Alex Majoli has photographed events and non-events."

    Wow. Really? OMG!