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Monday, May 11, 2020

Not Dead

I find myself somewhat embroiled in some longer form writing about which, perhaps, more anon.

In the mean time, I made this yesterday. The children have been watching Star Wars movies so, naturally, when I pulled the kohlrabi from the bag, I mumbled "That's no moon, that's kohlrabi" to myself. Then I drafted the larger child to hold up one of mom's black yoga blankets (it's a horse blanket except more expensive, but the price has been amortized over 2 decades of use) in the shadow while I held up the vegetable in the light from the window, and a few seconds later here we are.

That's no moon! That's KOHLRABI!

You're welcome.

Of course, now I have jinxed it. I expect to die in the next few hours in a ludicrous accident involving a pen and a potato.

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